What is Barcelona Nightcard?

It is the official night product of Barcelona (Barcelona Turisme and the Catalan Tourist Board) in its 2 Digital card options: 2 or 7 days. It allows you to enter to Barcelona’s top clubs at a “low cost” price and to enjoy a real nightlife experience of Barcelona. 

How it works?

Read carefully

VERY IMPORTANT !!! the card will be pending activation. Activate the card the day you want to start using it. After activation it will expire in 2 or 7 days, depending on the card you have purchased.

It's a VIP Card?

No. It is a “low cost” pass that allows you to enter different night clubs at a peerless price, an affordable way to get a whole nightlife experience in Barcelona. 

Which is the validity of the card?

There are two types of cards: 7 days (to use 7 consecutive nights) and 2 days (to use 2 consecutive nights). The days begin to count the date you use it for the first time. 

Which benefits do I get with Barcelona Nightcard?

Which day I can enter to the clubs?

Which clubs are included with the card?

Season 2023: More than 15 clubs: Opium, Pacha, Skyfall, CITY HALL, Bling Bling, Sutton, Luz de Gas, OTTO ZUTZ, La Biblio, Macarena, SLOW, Ocean, Duvet, La Fira Villaroel, La Fira Casanova. 

How many clubs can I enter the same night?

You can enter to all the clubs you want, or you are able to until 2:00 AM, you can even enter and go out from one to another until you find the best one which suits you. 

Where can I buy the Barcelona Nightcard?

You can easily buy them online on our website from any part of the world you are https://barcelonanightcard.com/

Or purchase it once in Barcelona at the official Tourism Information Offices or at some authorized dealers (GetYourGuide, Tiqets, Musement and others). 

The last option is at  BCN NightCard Official Office

Address: iBarcelona - Carrer de Mallorca 369 – 08013 Barcelona | Open: 10 AM to 8 PM from Monday to Saturday | Sundays from 2PM to 8 PM

(Closed: 1st January and 25th, 26th December.)  

If you are a group

For organized groups of more than 20 people, the booking is through our email: info@barcelonanightcard.com or at a travel agency to obtain some advantages. 

I am under 18 y.o. Can I use the card?

No, the card allows the entrance to persons over 18 years old. Usually at each Club entrance you are asked to show your ID. 

What should I keep in mind when I choose a club?

Each Club has its own admission policy, so before choosing the Club you must ensure that you have the minimum allowed age (some clubs are + 21years old) and that you agree with their recommended «dress code». Also remember that if the Club has a private or special party, or offers a different event to spend the night, it might be possible that the card is not valid for that night. If you have another chance the next day, take it! 

Can I use the card at specials season, parties or famous DJ night? 

NO, Usually on special dates like the Sonar festival, the NYE parties or special events with famous DJs the clubs reserve the right to cancel free entrance card’s validity only for that night. And some others could offer you some discount, try to find more information at the club’s website before you decide where to go. 

I'm interested in the card to enter a particular club on a certain date 

If you intend to use the card as a substitute entrance to a particular Club on a specific date, you should be informed in advance if there is a special event or private party.

Remember that the Barcelona Night Card is not an entrance ticket to a specific club and is subject to particular conditions. If you want a specific date you can contact us at info@barcelonanightcard.com and we will manage it. 

I'm going to a bachelor party, can I use the card?

Of course, but keep in mind that some clubs will not allow costume dress and neither any kind of inappropriate behavior. 

Does include any drink with the card?

No, Barcelona NightCard doesn’t include drinks or extras because it’s a multiple access card. We take the opportunity to remind you that you should be responsible when you are drinking, so you can enjoy the night! 

Should I queue to enter to the clubs?

Usually not, but each club has its policy of admission. It’s possible there might be a queue in some clubs, you might have to do it depending on night. Remember to inform the door staff that you have a Barcelona NightCard valid until 2:00 AM.  

Does it include access to VIP areas at the clubs?

The card is not a VIP CARD so it doesn’t grant permission to access the VIP zones. You will need to make a table reservation through info@barcelonanightcard.com, and we will inform you the conditions and prices according to the club of your choice. 

What should I do if for some reason I'm not allowed to enter a particular club?

Clubs reserve exclusively the right of admission, and often it’s depends on the Club’s capacity, security reason or door staff’s criteria, so the reasons of possible entry denial are multiple and varied. (Though on some occasions, in our opinion, are unjustified). So, if you come across this special case, don’t get annoyed, you have more than 15 other options, enjoy them. We would like also that you inform us of this at info@barcelonanightcard.com  

Until what time it is free to enter to the clubs?

Until 2:00 AM and from that time is at each club’s discretion to allow entering for free or with some discount. 

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